Family Services

RGC utlitizes various forms of treatment modalities including CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, Trauma Informed, and Family of Origin.


Personalities in families can "clash" at times. Sadly, families can divide and end up not speaking to each other. Sometimes it's at a death of a parent that there is a "rift" in the family.  Having an unbiased professional that isn't emotionally attached to the family can help aid in healing the family.


Are you concerned about a family member that needs help? Perhaps its an addiction such as: alcohol, drugs, gambling, unsafe behavior, non-compliant with their medical issues? Similar to mediation, but a plan of care for the individual you are concerned about is developed prior to the meeting.

*** For each of the above services, Redeeming Grace Counseling requests for the spiritual head of the household of the family schedule an assessment with Jennifer Anderson by clicking here:

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Patron Saint of Families:

St. Joseph

St. Joseph HD

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Prayer for Families

We bless your name, O Lord,
for sending your own incarnate Son,
to become part of a family,
so that, as he lived its life,
he would experience its worries and its joys.

We ask  you, Lord,
to protect and watch over this family,
so that in the strength of your grace
its members may enjoy prosperity,
possess the priceless gift of your peace,
and, as the Church alive in the home,
bear witness in this world to your glory.

We ask this thought Christ our Lord.

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