Vetitum/Annulment Counseling

Both Jennifer Anderson, MSW, LCSW, BCD and Dr. Kenneth Flanagan, PhD, MSW, LCSW are approved Vetitum Counselors for the Diocese of Fargo. They also have been approved on a case by case basis for neighboring dioceses. 

In some cases, even though the Tribunal has found the marriage invalid, either or both of the parties to the marriage proven null are prevented from entering another marriage in the Church until certain matters are adequately addressed. In such cases, a Vetitum or prohibition is placed on either or both parties.

If you have received a letter of nullity from your diocese in response to your annulment application, but a Vetitum has been placed on your annulment, Jennifer can provide the counseling services for you.

Here is a step by step process to follow:

  1. Call Redeeming Grace Counseling's office (701-353-9979) to request an assessment with Jennifer Anderson or Dr. Kenneth Flanagan. Tell the staff that this is for a Vetitum. Provide your health insurance information as it may or may not be covered depending on if there is a diagnosis to bill to your insurance.
  2. Contact the tribunal office to inform them that you will be working with Redeeming Grace Counseling for your Vetitum Counseling. They will have you complete a ROI (Release of Information) for Jennifer to discuss your case.
  3. Once RGC receives the ROI, we will arrange a meeting with the assigned tribunal staff person to obtain the areas of concern for her to focus on in the Vetitum Counseling sessions.
  4. Steps 1-3 need to be completed before Jennifer can see you.
  5. You and your therapist from RGC will meet for the assessment which is 90 minutes long. They will then estimate how many sessions the counseling will take. 
  6. Once the face to face sessions are completed, They will then write her report and submit the report directly to the tribunal. At this time, the writing of the report is free of charge as part of Redeeming Grace Counseling's ministry, but it is written on their own personal time and it may take a few months. If you'd like the report expideted, you may pay her hourly rate to get it completed sooner. 
  7. You will then receive a response from the tribunal notifying you if you are now Free to Marry.

Local Tribunals

For further questions about obtaining an annulment, please contact the tribunal office where you currently reside in or where your marriage took place.

Patroness Saint:

St. Helena (mother of Constantine the Great)

St. Helena HD

Fancy Line

O holy and blessed St. Helen, you know well what it's like to be a divorcee.

You felt the pain of betrayal and rejection, sadness over your marriage ending, anxiety for your children's welfare and stability, and hurt that another woman replaced you.

You know what it's like to rebuild your life alone and to co-parent children.

Please pray for (name person) and all who are divorced or are going through divorce.

Pray, dear saint, that they can let go of all resentment, anger, guilt and fear and trust in the Lord as you did and find peace for their weary hearts, minds and souls.

Pray also that they can forgive and have the grace, courage, and strength to move forward with their lives in ways that are healthy, positive and life giving.

Thank you, St. Helen, for your prayers and intercession for (name person) and all struggling with divorce and its effects.

I truly believe that you are with them, praying for them, and asking God's choicest blessings upon them. Amen

~Ann Fitch

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