Parish Consulting

Services Offered

Parish Training: Give your parish staff and volunteers the professional skills they need to navigate the obstacles to success and build a vibrant ministry.

Mediation: Conflict happens and it's best to utilize a third party that can mediate between all parties. 

Resource and Referral Service: Making the right connection for your needs.

Priest or Deacon Coaching: Assisting the ordained with stress management, public speaking and getting organized. 

Assessments of adults under the age of 20 for readiness for marriage: A Readiness Assessment is required for those under 20 prior to beginning marriage preparation with the parish priest.

Facilitator and Interpretation of the following Testing/Instruments: 

  • Foccus - Pre-Marriage Inventory
  • Re-Foccus - Marriage Enrichment Inventory
  • Prepare - Pre-Marriage Inventory
  • Enrich - Marriage Enrichment Inventory

For parishes that need assistance with their marriage preparation due to rural location or lack of volunteers, Tele-health (Using the computer's web camera through a HIPPA compliant system) can be utilized for residents of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Arizona.

Parish Consulting Request

This website and the communication is confidential and your information will held in the strictest confidence as Jennifer abides by her social work code of ethics.

Patron Saint of Priests:

St. John Vianney

St. John Vianney HD

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O venerable St. John Vianney, I come to you asking for your intercession for all priests, especially (name person). Pray that the Holy Spirit fill them to overflowing with every gift and grace they need to serve God and His Church faithfully, lovingly, and obediently.

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Jennifer's Corner

What to expect in a session?

The first session will be 90 minutes long. This is called the Diagnostic Assessment. Although you are coming in for specific situations for counseling,...Read more