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I truly enjoy speaking. I'm a therapist, I'd better be, huh? So I speak at area parishes for a mission or retreat, or for their high school or college groups. Popular topics can be found by clicking "Services", then "Speaking Requests". If you have an idea, but it's not listed as a topic, feel free to request for me to speak about it. Typically, I speak for an hour. Sometimes we then break up into small groups to discuss the subject and perhaps complete a project. Some groups want to dig deep and tie it to scripture, so then it becomes a day-long retreat. 

Some times with the young adults and high school kids I speak about  "Proper Dating and Courtship, "How to Dress Modestly,  a course on Sex and your Bodies, "Adulting, what's that about?", and "How to Live a Chaste Life while Discerning my Future".

With mom's groups, it's common to talk about "Living a Balanced Life," "Compassion Fatigue", "Are you a Mary or a Martha?", 

With men's groups, it's common to talk about "How to Woo my Wife", "Anger Management", and "How to Become a Better Head of the Household."

With women's groups, it's common to talk about "Sexual Abuse", "Stop being Co-Dependent," and "How to live a Christian Life in a Broken World".

December 6, 2019 - 4:57pm

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