Family Boot Camp

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Do you feel your family needs some outside help? Are you striving for everyone to get along but there are too many personality differences? Similar to Marriage Boot Camp and modeling the concept after the TV show, "The Nanny", I will come to your home, hotel, or retreat center in North Dakota to help mediate your family problems. It is hard to get everyone together, so when we do, let's make the most of it and start talking read about "the elephant in the room". 

Phase I: Gathering the information. The head of the household will contact our office to schedule an appointment with myself to gather the information about each of the family members. Then each of the family members that want to participate will be scheduled for their interview. Once all parties have been interviewed, then I will develop a plan on how to proceed with the Family Boot Camp and will write up a proposal of costs, logistics. This service is not covered by insurance and can only be provided in the state of North Dakota.

Phase II: Once the proposal has been agreed upon, the place will be determined. Most likely it will be at a nearby retreat facility where there are individual dorm rooms, meals are included, etc. so we are away from other distractions.  This could be for the day or a weekend. It all depends on the problems and the goals at hand.

Phase III: Maintenance: We will check in to ensure that each family member is doing their part in the plan. Monthly, then bi-monthly, etc.

Common Family Boot camp topics:  Adult siblings not getting along, the death or divorce of someone in the family, or addictions affecting the family just to name a few.

What to do:  1) The head of the household calls 701-353-9979 to schedule an assessment for family boot camp only they will come in.  2) All family members need to be adults to participate and that they all want to come to the boot camp.

November 18, 2019 - 10:00pm

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